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Please help BARKS in this time of crisis, help us survive the lockdown


StayCATion Appeal


StayCATion - during the coronavirus crisis our rescue cats are in lockdown but we're calling it a 'vacation' to keep them placated.  So our lovely temporary residents are going to be with us much longer than we would normally like.

The same is true at Mary's multi-animal rescue centre in Woodford Halse.

Through all of this, and recognising how horribly difficult this period is for all of us, we're asking you not to forget these furry folk. Inevitably, our fundraising for the spring and summer has been cancelled and with no adoptions we have very little income at all.  But we still need to feed and care for the animals and make sure our charity is on its feet for when we can resume normal life.

So, this is the first of our appeals for you not to forget us...

Donate by Paypal, cheque to 47 Park End, Bodicote OX15 4DQ, or by direct transfer to Nat West:  A/c B.A.R.K.S.  A/c No 57097607  Sort code 60 01 35


When the lockdown is over, If you are looking to adopt an animal please browse through our pages.  If you are adopting a rabbit, guinea pig or small furry, then we will advise and assist you in setting up, and will help by bonding your rabbits.  If you are adopting a cat or cats, then we will make a home visit.  This is all about our duty of care to the cat(s), and is a very necessary part of re-homing.  Please bear with us while we try to organise this as fast as possible, as volunteers have to fit home visits around many other things.  We promise we will always try to act fast.


We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who supports and helps us, and also an extra big thank you to all those kind souls who are watching out for stray animals while we try to make space.  Keep up the good work everyone, you are all very much appreciated.


Ann Collins



Please scroll down to see a few other ways you can help us.:




Volunteering as a Home Visitor


Home visiting is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. Imagine the family that are just about to adopt a pair of kittens, or the couple who have recovered enough from the loss of a beloved aged pet to take on a new little character. You can experience some of their hope and joy when you make a courteous visit to them. Problems are few and far  between, and there is always a team of experienced people on hand to advise.  The purpose of a home visit is to ensure that the the cat is going to be as safe and well-cared for as possible, and to offer kindness and ongoing support to the new family.     We urgently need more helpers for this role.

Please email Ann at barks2010@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested.


Volunteering as part of the management team


BARKS is managed by a Board of Trustees, and we are on the lookout for a) new Trustees and b) new support teams to the management committee.  The work is varied and can be adapated to suit individuals' best attributes, but a willing attitude and organisation skills are essential.  Ideally we need people who can take responsbility at specific fundraising events, leading and inspiring a team and liaising on the day with event organisers.  Hands-on work at the event is always part of the day's task.  We also need people who are willing to search for new opportunities, albeit by advertising, by running appeals, by searching for corporate support and liasing with existing supporters, etc.   The management team also get involved in home visits, in running animals to and from the vet, and sometimes collecting rescued animals from members of the public.  And then of course we are on standy for additional animal care.   The aim is to have enough people to keep the pressure off any one individual.  Several of us work full-time and know all about restricted time and availability!   Please contact Ann to chat this over, by emailing Ann at barks2010@hotmail.co.uk



Volunteering for animal care 


All BARKS management and helpers are volunteers, and one of the crucial roles is morning work, feeding animals and cleaning pens.  If you can spare a couple of hours early morning, one or more days in the week, then please contact Ann at barks2010@hotmail.co.uk



Upcoming fundraising events

Our next event will be in Tysoe village on Saturday 17th August, where we will hold a stall at the annual Flower Show and Fete. If you are local please pop along and have a go at our stall, you will be sure of a happy, smiling welcome.


What can you do to help us?


Can you do anything to help us raise money?  A small event; a car boot sale; a sponsored run, a sponsored diet, a mini-bake-off...........     All ideas welcome and it doesn't matter how much or how little you raise.


Contact Ann at barks2010@hotmail.co.uk if you would like to raise funds for us, and would like promotional support from our team.





Mountain Warehouse fundraising campaign

We would like to thank Mountain Warehouse for their very successful tote bag campaign which raised well over their £200 target.

 B.A.R.K.S. are collecting used postage stamps

Here at BARKS we are collecting USED POSTAGE STAMPS.  It is an excellent way to raise money but you do need an awful lot of them!


So that's where you come in; if we all ask our friends, family, work, school, etc. we will be there in no time.  All you need to do is to tear off any stamp from your post; UK or foreign, it doesn't matter.    Then save them until you have a few, and post them or drop them round to our registered address (below) or if in Banbury we can arrange to collect.


It's as simple as that.  We'll sort them out and send them off, it also means that one fo us will spend practical volunteering time sorting and cutting in the warmth of our own home instead of spending time standing outside in the cold weather doing their bit raising money in the cold!!! 


So please just make sure there is at least 4mm of envelope left around the stamp and that the stamp isn't damaged (by that we mean ripped, or bits missing and NOT that it has a postmark on it). We will be collecting all year round, so every postage stamp will help - please.


What an easy way to help the animals in our care. It won'tcost you a penny and will even help to re-distribute  some of your recycling waste!

Please send your collected stamps to:



c/o 80 Wykham Place,



OX16 9HZ



Winter tips for pet owners...


With winter (and the cold weather it brings fast approaching) we have put together some tips and advice to help prepare your pets for the months to come.


The following considerations have been included...


  • Anti-Freeze poisoning (Ethylene Glycol)

  • Iced Bottles

  • Dry bedding

  • Weight managment

  • Frostbite

  • Hot spots

  • Arthritus

  • Fireworks


Please click 'here' to view the document or 'here' to see our Welfare advice page.




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