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Email: barks2010@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07427063178

Registered charity number: 1163343

Our rabbits

To find out more about our rabbits or to arrange to visit, please call Mary on 01327 263373 . B.A.R.K.S has many rabbits and guinea pigs in and out on a regular basis and lots more looking for homes, and we do not have photos of all at any one time. Adoption fees apply, and we will gladly bond your animals if you are adding a little friend.

Mary's Mini Munchers.

This is where the BARKS bunnies and guinea pigs spend

the warm days nibbling on the grass. A bit early for them

when this picture was taken but when they are out there is

no need for mechanical intervention to keep the grass short!

Very cute, wild youngsters that

have been hand reared,

so will unfortunately

not be up for adoption

Having a cuddle