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Email: barks2010@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07427063178

Registered charity number: 1163343

BARKS sometimes helps wild animals as well.  This little chappy is being nursed back to health by one of our dedicated ladies

Our ferrets


These little people have terrific characters but are extremely hard to photograph. Sitting still is not normal behaviour for them!


The boy has his winter layers and coat on but his sister remains small and dainty!


Whisky and Bandit - Neutered Polecat Male Ferrets Born 2017


Our guinea pigs



Mum and babies

And the even smaller people


Mona - Born 2017

Max - Born 2018

Ralph - Male Degu Born 2015


Born Feb 2018

Derek - Degu

Born 2017

Some hedgehogs Mary has been looking after