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Email: barks2010@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07427063178

Registered charity number: 1163343

B.A.R.K.S Sponsorship Scheme...

Meet our resident animals!

​Sadly, not all animals can be rehomed, but B.A.R.K.S will never put a healthy animal to sleep. Those animals who are very difficult to re-home are made residents at the B.A.R.K.S animal shelters where they spend the rest of their days warm, loved and cared for.


All resident animals are now on a sponsorship scheme which means you can apply to sponsor an individual animal and in return receive newsletters, photos and progress updates. This is a great way to support B.A.R.K.S and help the animals directly. Sponsoring an animal makes a wonderful gift for those 'hard to buy for' relatives and is also a way for people not in a position to own a pet of their own to share enjoyment and get involved. To apply for a sponsorship, please fill out the contact form by clicking 'here' and a member of B.A.R.K.S will get back to you.


As a sponsor you can come and visit your animal at any time, please call ahead to make arrangements and give us time to get your sponsor looking his or her best!


Dear Barley has now departed. At a gentle old age, he fell asleep under his favourite tree, never to wake again.

Out of respect to to Barley, we will leave this up for some months as a little memorial to a darling little boy who gave so many people so much affection.

Barley was the garden monitor at Woodford Halse, and before he died, he handed the responsiblity to Floyd, our little one-eyed wonder.




Bracken is one of a litter of wild rabbits whom Mary hand-reared from when they were just a week old, after a dog killed their mother. 


His teeth are malformed and need regular trimming to enable him to eat properly.  He’s quite highly strung and, although friendly with Mary, avoids other people.  He has been neutered and lives with his partner, Missy.




Floyd came to us in October of 2011.  He’d been left behind when his owners moved and kept trying to get into his old home, but the new homeowner doesn’t like cats.


He caught an eye infection the following December, which didn’t respond to any treatment, and he went blind in one eye, which was removed in January.  Unfortunately, the socket fills up with fluid and has to be drained every few months.

But going to the vets doesn’t bother him (we suspect that it’s because he’s well known and gets made a big fuss of!).



Peanut & Daisy

These three-year old rabbits came in after their owner had to go into hospital.  She said that they really love each other and should be kept together.


Peanut’s teeth are not in very good condition, so they need a dental treatment once in a while.  Daisy was a bit overweight when she came in – so no fattening food or treats for her until she regains her figure.