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We got Marmarlade and Darcy from Theresa, brought them home and let them get used to their new surrounding.  Marmalade took about 3 seconds to settle in, and went exploring (he tried to climb up the chimney at one point!)  He's a typical ginger boy - into everything, and likes nothing more than to race around the house at midnight, wondering why nobody will play with him!  Darcy was so shy at first - she hid under our bed and wouldn't come out for days - our daughter used to carry up bowls of food and cat milk for her, but we left her to get used to her new house.  After the first week, she got a bit braver, and would come downstairs for 10 minutes, eat something and then scurry back upstairs.  After the second week, braver still, spending more time with us.  Well now, after a month, she's learnt to trust us completely!  She's downstairs most for the day, and gets very grumpy if she hasn't got a lap to curl up on in hte eveing!  She's very vocal and lets us know when she wants attention.  Anyway, thanks again to everyone at BARKS, and keep up the great work.  Mark, Maria & Katie

Leo AKA Sosidge

I just thought it would be nice to update you on Leo (who we have re-named Sosidge).

He is honestly the nicest, most pleasant-natured cat I have ever had or met for that matter.  He is absolutely the boss of the house but never once has he lashed out at us.  He is very playful and although he has toys he prefers sweet wrappers and pens!  He can be timid with new people but soon livens up once he realises he can trust them !  He also loves to be held upside-down.  He doesn't understand the term 'weekend' and still expects to be fed at half 6am regardless! He is extremely vocal and won't let up until he is fed.  But it is nice to be needed/wanted!  We are both so glad he is part of our family and he couldn't be a better cat if he tried, he is simply perfect!

Esther & Albert

I thought that you might like to see a photo of Esther with her boyfriend Albert, after dating successfully for a week, they finally set up home together on the 1st of December, and are now inseparable, doing everything together. They share a large double hutch, which, like all our other hutches we have clad wih twin-wall polycarbonate sheeting which is both weatherproof and warm. Wishing you and all at BARKS a happy new year. Coincidentally our neighbor Dawn also came down to you for a rabbit a couple of years ago!


Edmond (formerly Morris) bounced into our household in August and has been bouncing around ever since! He was delighted to have Katy and Kitty to play with although Katy wasn't keen on having to wear him like a back pack when he landed on her from a height. Kitty took to him instantly, washing him lovingly and teaching him all the basics that a well trained kitten should know. She is very tolerant of his rough and tumble games and they are very close. We are all delighted to have this happy little boy as another member of our family. Thank you BARKS.


Here is a picture of the hamster we adopted at the beginning of December. I called her Smudge because of the smude of white running down under her chin. She seems very happy and she is very cute!!! In the bottom two cages there is hay in the one on the left and sawdust in the one on the right which she enjoys digging and sleeping in. She is usually in the living room but at the moment she is in my bedroom because my uncle is sleeping in the living room and her wheel squeaks quite a lot! 
She is gorgeous and very sweet and I love her to bits. I'm lucky we were looking for a hamster when she was looking for a home. From Meg

Punky & Fozzie

Just an update on the little monkeys. The hours of sitting on the dining room floor with them has paid off and I am now a fully fledged member of the kitten family and can probably now be known as mum. We're now back to sitting on the settee in the evenings, which is a relief and they like to climb all over us. Punky likes to hold me down with his paws and wash my face. He also wants to kiss me all the time by rubbing his nose on mine. Punky is still the more confident and mischievous one but Fozzie is getting there and will sit on us when we are relaxing. 


I just wanted to let you know that Fiddle is settling in very well. He is coming out of his shell, helped by Fidget, they have been doing a lot of playing and boxing with each other, none of it nasty, and they have started to go to sleep together under Ellie's bed in the afternoon! Fidget now spends most of his time upstairs, he likes to know what Fiddle is up to....Come bed time Fidge comes down to sleep with Wiz, otherwise they would be chasing each other all night!!!! So Fiddle comes to sleep on my bed with me, he has got used to me now and is letting me fuss him, he's so soft and fluffy, we love him so much and are so happy with him! Thanks so much for everything!

If you have adopted an animal from B.A.R.K.S and would like to share your success story here, please get in touch or send an email to barks2012@hotmail.co.uk