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My story

Hi, I am Daisy Just like the flower I am very pretty, I am one of the permanent residents at BARKs living in the sanctuary pens with the other cats. Unlike some of my pen mates I tend to keep myself to myself as I am not really a cat’s cat, I prefer people. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have been all over the place in my 3 years to rescue centres to Barks where I have had a few opportunities to go with a family. However, I was never a great fit causing me to return to Barks and since then I have never left. As I don’t really get along with most of the other cats, just like the princes I am, I get fed separately. When the volunteers arrive in the morning I keep out the way in the air-lock sitting on my pedestal (cat biscuit container) and observing the volunteers work and the greedy cats like Ned and Dash cleaning any empty bowls. Eventually though I get my job assignment - to ensure that the large platters are clean before they get to the sink (it’s my job but I enjoy it).

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