Hello, this is

Effy the naughtiest tortie


8 years



Will improve in a tolerant, loving home





Not compatible!



Naughty, will lash out


My story

Are you experienced with tortie cats? Do you know just how badly behaved they can be? And have you learned to love them for what they are? If so, please consider giving Effy a home. She can be very sweet and allow you to stroke her, but just look at that face. That's her expression when her temper takes over, and you get very little warning. If you have never lived with and loved a swipey, temperamental tortie then she is not for you. This naughty tortie behaviour is typical of many torties but not all (before we are deluged with comments!). Effy is quite an extreme case, and whilst she will no doubt improve in the right home, it will take time, and the behaviour may never be 100% eradicated as it is part of who she is. However, a cat like Effy can give a great deal of companionship and happiness, in her own way and on her own terms. Living in our pens is making her worse, she has to be isolated because other cats are an absolute no for her, so she is currently living in a small lonely pen. It's very hard for us to give her the attention she needs and deserves, and we desparately need to get her into a tortie -loving home.

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Effy the naughtiest tortie

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Effy the naughtiest tortie