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My story

Gucci came to BARKS after breaking her legs badly following a fall from a block of flats. The accident happened in another part of the country and was brought to us by the wonderful people at New Hope Rescue. Initial medical appraisal was that she may never walk, would be incontinent, and probably had internal damage so severe that there was little hope for her. A young girl with stunning looks and a sweet nature, she was literally breaking our hearts. One fear was that to keep her alive we might have to consider major surgery, but our vets were pessimistic about her chances and this was deferred. Gucci was taken into 'soft' foster care where she could be nursed and watched, the most important thing being that she was not allowed to suffer. And then the fighting spirit started to break through. Gucci started to play! With two permanently stiff back legs, she was rolling about and sliding across the floor, clearly enjoying herself. She learnt to use the specially adapted litter tray, can hold her own with the family of foster cats, and uses her front legs to climb up onto services, and indeed, laps. When somebody screams in pain, the chances are they have been Gucci'ed! She really knows how to get our attention. We do not know whether her injuries will ultimately shorten her life, and she is so handicapped that she can never be rehomed. For that reason we are looking for long-term sponsors of Gucci, to help us pay for not only her day to day living costs but more importantly for the inevitable veterinary costs which are likely to be high in Gucci's case.

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