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Sep 2022

Cost of Living appeal

We are running a 'Rising Cost of Living' campaign on JustGiving, which you can find by copying and pasting the above link into your browser.

As energy prices rise again, staff at the pet rescue charity are concerned that it will be the animals that will suffer.

This is very serious indeed for us. We have no choice but to plan to close some pens and take in fewer needy animals. Its very sad but we will have to turn away cats and kittens because we just wont be able to afford to heat their pens and keep them safe and warm through the colder months.

We could do with one or a few major donors who might be able to make significant donations that will see us through into next summer. Its tragic that we put in so much work to save small creatures, treat them and find them new, loving homes and yet this fuel crisis threatens to blight us and its completely out of our control.