The Tale of Pushkin's Tail - Chapter 1 Pushkin's arrival






May 2023

The Tale of Pushkin's Tail - Chapter 1 Pushkin's arrival

For many years Pushkin and his mum lived happily together,no doubt with daily routines, cuddles and treats.  But then the unthinkable happened, his mum became ill, and as the illness worsened, Pushkin sensed that their time together would come to an end.  Sure enough, one day his mum was taken away to hospital, and Pushkin’s life was about to turn upside down.

Little did he know that the extended family would decide to have him put to sleep!  He wasn’t the one that was ill, he just needed a loving home! Thankfully the vet agreed, and refused to put a healthy cat to sleep without at least giving it a chance, and at that point, a very, very kind lady stepped in and took care of Pushkin until Barks could create emergency space for him.  

Pushkin was safe!

As many of you know, older cats are very difficult to rehome for a number of reasons, so at Barks we often put them into long term foster homes under our care.  It just so happened that a new foster mum had joined our ranks and was ready and willing to take Pushkin on.  Just 24 hours later he was on the move again, this time to his forever home.  Instead of crying or wailing on the way,Pushkin showed his true character, clearly asking: ‘Do you know the way?   Is this the right way?  Don’t take me to the wrong place!’    When we arrived, he did the rounds of the room, talking all the time while checking for important scents and looking for hidey holes.

Pushkin was home!

For the next few days his foster mum waited for him to let her touch him, on his own terms.   As soon as she did, she realised something was odd about his beautiful tail………….


To be continued