Upcycling and recycling alert - get back on the GAS!






Oct 2021

Upcycling and recycling alert - get back on the GAS!

A heads-up for anyone who has items we can recycle to earn cash for BARKS. ...

We have operated our 'GAS' upcycling and recycling scheme since last year - collecting your old gadgets and stamps, in the main, but also a range of other electrical gadgets and unwanted jewellery and coins, which we can either resell (if they work and are in good condition) or can submit to a recycling company in return for a payment.

So far we've made around £2000 this way - all thanks to your generosity and our reselling ingenuity. Thank you!

Take a look at the guidelines here. If you have appropriate stuff to donate, just contact the main BARKS Hotmail address ( and we can either arrange for you to drop off stuff to us or, if you're in Banbury, we may be able to collect.

It's an easy way to avoid filling landfill sites, give your cast-offs a new lease of life - and help give innocent pets a second chance too! What's not to like?